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Amanda Patella

Interior Designer

I thought I’d always be involved with horses (and animals in general) to the point that I had researched colleges that let you bring your horse! I did a 180 when I watched my own horse get stitches and I wanted to pass out. So instead of finding a career centered around of my love of animals, I explored my other interests. I took classes in archaeology and photography at Penn State University during a summer in high school and I loved enjoyed both classes. However, it wasn’t until taking a Photoshop course during my freshman year at Elon University that I realized how much I needed and craved art and design in my future career.

Even though I always excelled at my art classes, I was afraid and unsure how to make it a dependable career. I landed specifically on interior design because it was a happy common ground between my two favorite art forms: art and architecture. Within weeks, I was researching universities with good interior design programs and decided to apply to the University of Florida. The rest, as they say, is history… and go Gators!

The happiness my creativity brings to someone’s life keeps me engaged along with the diversity of my projects. I love when a client gets as excited as me about a particular element or idea; it’s so fun to feed off that energy!

about amanda

I’m a Sarasota, FL native!

An archaeologist, artist, veterinarian, and an architect!

I know the lyrics to most of Frankie Yankovic’s polka songs (they were played on repeat throughout my childhood during holidays spent with my Wisconsin relatives). That’s not even the weirdest part of the tradition!

Treating others the way you would want to be treated.

Vacuuming (instant gratification to see the dog/cat hair tumbleweeds eliminated)! I also like pressure-washing!

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