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There’s a lot to interior design, so where do you begin? Jill breaks it down and explains how our designers collaborate with clients, starting with the initial consultation. Sometimes this is all you need. But other times, based on what we learn about you and the scope of your project, we’ll help you determine whether à la carte or flat-rate design services are best for you.

Watch Jill’s short video to learn more.

1-Hour Initial Consultation

What’s included for $300:

  • Recommendations and suggestions for your home.
  • Help with space planning and furniture layout.
  • Assist with color choices.
  • A written plan to keep all of those ideas organized.
  • Get your design questions ready and we will give you the answers!

Kindly note that pricing may vary outside of our home area.

à la carte DESIGN

What’s included for $195 per hour (25 hour minimum):

  • A designer will meet with you to advise on all details of your construction or decorating project.
  • This is the best option if you are not doing a whole-house renovation.
  • Hourly rate includes travel time and design work, independent of meetings with client.

There are no mark-ups on products or construction services. The project length and expiration date of the hours will be discussed prior to starting the project.

Flat-Rate design

An all inclusive rate that is based on the size of the project. Most interior design firms mark-up EVERYTHING: the contractor, the electrician, the plumber, the wallpaper, the fabrics, and so on, whether you know it or not. We do NONE of that. YOU pay ALL of the bills directly and we do not charge a mark-up on anything. This is, in addition to our exceptional taste, what sets us apart from other design firms.

Paint Color Consultation

For $400, this 90-minute consultation focuses on selecting the best colors to support your interior spaces. Amanda Patella’s understanding of color and undertones assist you in avoiding costly mistakes.

As a True Colour Expert™, Amanda believes every color in the rainbow has potential for beauty and glamour. She is excited about her clients’ inspiration and the opportunity to bring it to fruition. Whether your taste is for pastels or strong vibrate colors, let’s make it so you’re proud to say this is your space!

Upon the final selections, your decisions will be immediately forwarded to you and your painter.

This consultation is designed for homeowners looking to personalize their new-builds or refresh current homes, or for realtors looking for help with their challenging listings.

Watch Amanda and Jill’s video to learn more.

the designers

Chic On The Cheap’s talented design professionals have been featured in the newspaper over 30 times, and have countless reviews on Houzz. We are a well-respected interior design firm in the Sarasota, FL community, not only by our clients, but by the people we collaborate with to execute unique and sophisticated spaces.

let's get candid

We know, nobody really enjoys talking about money, but it is a very important topic to discuss before you hire an interior designer. We pride ourselves on being honest and transparent in everything we do, so Jill decided to turn on the camera and get candid about our fees and fee structure.