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Coffee with mark

Step into the surprising world of Mark Dalton, where his thought-provoking discussions, unexpected tangents, and enlightening interviews offer a safe space where every topic finds its place.

Mark’s opinions are his alone and do not necessarily represent the views of the firm, the designers, or his guests.

Season 1

Episode 1: “Design As An Afterthought”

Mark Dalton introduces Wilbur Cross, the Coffee With Mark series, and discusses why you should work with a professional interior designer from start to finish.

Episode 2: “I Wish I Had Someone To Talk To…”

Mark wades into the “Don’t Say Gay” topic and, as a gay man who came out in the 70s, gives his personal experiences and opinions on the subject.

Episode 3: “Do Your Research”

Mark discusses why you need to do your homework when hiring an interior designer, and why you should be ‘present’ so you get the outcome you were expecting (and deserve).

Episode 4: “Goldfinger”

Mark shares the story about the golden elephant in the room, and how the middle finger became one of his endearing and signature gestures.

Episode 695: “Let’s Nip It In The Bud”

Jeremy nearly falls through a chair, Mark discusses the first time he was called a “sissy,” and how he knew he couldn’t talk to his parents about being gay.

Episode 6: “Infrastructure & Traffic”

Mark discusses his personal take on affordable housing in Sarasota, and the location in downtown that he thinks would be ideal for such a development.

Episode 7: “Here You Go, Mark”

Mark shares the amazing story on how he got started as an interior designer.

Episode 4,458: “Let’s Take A Field Trip”

Mark is joined by Robin Azevedo at Robb & Stucky to discuss the showroom, interior design, and a stand-up comedian.

Episode 9: “Who Is Taz?”

Mark and Amanda share why they love working together, and the things that make their days interesting (like Taz).

Episode 10: “Motivational Mark”

Mark discusses why you should be prepared to fail, and why you should always be paying attention.

Episode 11: “Clients, Be Present”

Mark talks candidly about a project that when awry, and how it could have possibly been avoided.

Episode 12: “Even I Need An Interior Designer”

Mark shows what his life is like as his kitchen is being renovated, and why “an interior designer needs an interior designer.”

What's Next?

Do you have a topic you’d like to bring to Mark’s attention, or would you like to appear with him on our next filming?

Contact us and let our team know.