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Kim Caplan

Interior Designer

It all started when I painted a mural on my bedroom wall when I was 10, and now I can’t shut off the creative compulsion! After working many years in retail, at 40, I went back to college to add a degree in Interior Design to my Business degree. I worked at Waterworks and Kohler, but ultimately started my own Interior Design firm in Washington, DC where I worked for 20 years.

I tried to retire — I really did! But I missed the daily dose of creativity and interaction with clients. My work is about people and creating an environment that is customized to them.

about Kim

I was born in St Petersburg, FL but spent the last 25 years in Washington, DC.

But I love to sew costumes!

I would like to see the return of an appreciation of the Rubenesque look.

I finding it very satisfying to wipe down countertops!

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