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The Oaks

Osprey, FL

Mark Dalton

The front door opened, the lady of the house came out with a huge smile saying, “The chics are here the chics are here!” AND… a love affair was born. Amanda is my “work wife.” She and I worked on this project together. It started out as a “flip” only doing the master bathroom, and turned into a whole-house refresh. The house AND the clients were, and are, refreshing! They always present a united front, never make a decision without talking to the other, are open, honest, straightforward and most of all LET US DO OUR JOB.

While our ideas may be out of their wheelhouse, they let us run with our vision. The outcome changed the financial trajectory of a whole neighborhood. It was a flip, then a home — and in the end, they were offered so much money that they sold and started a new project, Bayside, in The Oaks. We love working in the Oaks and probably will be there the next 10 years. Ohhh, and they always feed us. Bonus!

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