Phillippi Creek Estate

This house on Phillippi Creek is idyllically located on two acres of beautifully landscaped land on a peninsula. The client asked for a blue and white house that leans into the Florida lifestyle, but still has a touch of New England.

The Mark

What began as a vanilla box in the sky soon evolved into a vibrant, soulful escape for a transplanted Wisconsin couple whose shared love of music and took centerstage in the design. Jimi Hendrix and Paul Stanley welcome you into the moody foyer/lounge that becomes a cozy gathering spot for football games and cocktail parties.

The Oaks

The front door opened, the lady of the house came out with a huge smile saying, “The chics are here the chics are here!” AND… a love affair was born. Amanda is my “work wife.” She and I worked on this project together. It started out as a “flip” only doing the master bathroom, and turned into a whole-house refresh. The house AND the clients were, and are, refreshing!

Boca Grande

While our business is focused in Sarasota, a repeat client purchased this Boca Grande property as a counterpoint to their New England lifestyle. Located on the water on this beautiful island; it was in need of a full remodel both inside and outside.