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Cristi Martel

Interior Designer

Growing up as an artist, stretching my own canvas and creating a work of art opened my eyes to the many other fields of art. One being Interior Design. Once I discovered that I could use that same creativity, I was intrigued. I enrolled at Ringling School of Art & Design and I knew there were opportunities to transform spaces into something great. It excites me to take on a project from the ground up or taking walls to the studs. A blank palette is just the beginning of all the possibilities that can be created. My favorite part of design is helping someone envision all the possibilities and bringing that to life. It’s the best feeling in the world to see a client’s reaction when the home is finished!

Our team is very different from your normal, everyday team. We are fun and we don’t take anything too serious. We learn from each other, we respect each other, and we love each other. Our photos, social media and stories are all real! 

about cristi

I was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri.

A dancer and an artist! I continued dance in High School and I figured out quickly that was just for fun. I continued my art, of course, in my ventures to become an Interior Designer as I was able to use those talents through my work. My daughter is a dancer and now I get to enjoy that through her beautiful talent!

I used to compete in Bodybuilding. It was the hardest thing I think I have ever done in my life. To train for 14 weeks, eat every 3 hours, and working out twice a day was just scratching the surface. I placed in all of shows and I’m pretty proud of myself for that time in my life. My proudest moment by far is being a mom. I would give all of that back in a second if I only knew the reward I get every day just being a mom and being there for my kids.

I wish we would all sit down to eat together again at dinnertime. Speaking for myself and my family, we have such busy schedules and lives between dance, football and working late, we eat on the run or everyone eats when they can. I remember growing up, we all sat down at the dinner table at 6 p.m. when my dad was home from work. There were no cell phones or TV on during this time, just family time and we all talked about our days. That is what I wish I could have back!

Grocery shopping! I take my sweet time and browse the aisles as if I’m going to cook something unique. (I never do, but a girl can dream.)

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